nt Beng Yaju got off the car, immediately noticed Beng Yaju’s whereabouts and pressed his headset Report the situation to Mr. He.

VIP box in the 南京炮网 top, a leader Lisboa help message is received, the bow came up and whispered a few words Ho, Ho when even broke into smiles: “Chuang, A colt a man came.”
“There is courage ah !”
Zhuang Shikai smiled, holding up his teacup.
“Little Yong,”
Mr. He said.
Beng Yaju is a self-made gang boss anyway.
Da Yong Da Zhi did not.
There were still some Xiaoyong who attended the meeting alone.
Not much.
After receiving the message, Rose turned her head and gave Saigon Zai a wink. Sai Kung Zai passed the news that Beng Yaju came alone to the Flying Tigers on standby in the stairs.
At the same time, Bengyaju leather shoes stepped on the blanket in the top corridor, followed the manager’s instructions to the entrance of the suite, looked at the red solid wood door in front of him, and thought to himself: “Casino casino! I must open the 南京龙凤论坛 casino! I must have a casino
in Haojiang !” There is a casino in Haojiang!
This is probably the dream of everyone in Macau!
“I want to go through the dragon gate!” Beng Yaju clenched 南京桑拿会所 his fists and squeaked, and the red door of the presidential suite opened.
Two adaptors wearing white gloves opened the doors on both sides.
Beng Yaju looked up and walked into the room.
I saw the two big men holding tea cups, sitting on both sides of the round table in front with Erlang’s legs tilted, looking at him with interest in their eyes.
“This is the real big boss!”
Beng Yaju was excited.
He has the illusion that he can talk to the two bosses on the same stage.
Although Beng Yaju grew up in Macau since he was a child, he has never actually played in a casino.
It used to be really poor.
It’s not long enough to make a fortune now.
This was actually his first time in a casino, and he was very curious about the various facilities in the casino, and he did not see demeaning or disdain in the eyes of the ho