incident was encountered this time.

Just in the chaos, Jiang Hao spent a few hours moving everything that could be moved away. At this moment, the entire Northeast Arsenal has completely lost the appearance of Asian Krupp.
Thousands of Japanese soldiers gathered in the factory area, but these people did not even find the enemy’s trail, but hundreds of them died.
At this moment, someone heard the sound of 咻咻咻, and looked up curiously.
“Ah~~ there is a bomb in the sky!”
the soldier exclaimed loudly.
Everyone looked up and found that the sky was densely packed with bombs, which could be described as overwhelming.
Even if a plane bombed, at most dozens of bombs would be lost at one time, but now these people are seeing countless bombs falling.
Jiang Hao collected four thousand aerial bombs, and was not willing to use them 南京夜生活论坛 all at once. This time only 500 bombs were put down, but these 500 bombs were enough to cover the entire arsenal.
“Boom boom boom~~!”
“Boom boom
boom~~!” The
explosion sounded continuously, resounding throughout the city of Shenyang. Many people came out to look towards the north gate and found thick smoke billowing there. Soaring into the sky.
“Oh my God, the arsenal was bombed, who did it.” Someone was surprised.
Someone whispered: “Huh, it should have been bombed a long time ago, and it looks really happy now.” The
bombing of the Northeast Arsenal shocked the entire Kwantung Army. You must know that the Northeast Arsenal is the most important source of weapons for the Kwantung Army, and it is also the Kwantung Army. The main reason for the strong combat power of equipment.
The news of the complete destruction of the 南京桑拿论坛 Northeast Arsenal quickly spread. The newspapers of the Republic of China gave this piece of news a special book, and many people read it with joy, but in the end no one knew who did the big thing.
The commander of the Kwantung Army, Hon Zhuang Fan, was extremely annoyed and personally brought 南京水磨会所 people over to check the situation. As