together?” Xili asked Qiao Xiu in a very small voice.

“Actually, I really want two people to go out for a walk, but”
Qiao Xiu was really excited when he faced Xili’s 南京品茶网 voluntary date invitation, but… the prophet came to Qiao Xiu and Xili at this time.
Hilly stared at the prophet for a while, as if thinking about something, then asked Qiao Xiu tentatively.
“A pre-simulation of a family of three?”
When the Prophet heard Xili’s words, even though her face had been in a state of expressionlessness, her eyelids still twitched slightly.
“I just commissioned the Prophet to help me study a drink. I plan to find an alchemy workshop for refining tests after your exam is over.”
“Are there any new things?”
“Well, one might sell well. Drinks.”
Although Qiao Xiu listened to Xili’s tone very much, Qiao Xiu caught the disappointed expression that flashed on his face for a moment.
However, Xili directly took Qiao Xiu’s hand and walked out of the Spellcasters Association. The Prophet temporarily bid farewell 南京桑拿会所 to her apprentices and got on Qiao Xiu’s magic car.
Kriya Alchemy Atelier.
This is one of Nolan’s largest alchemy workshops, and the owner is the Kriya Chamber of Commerce, Qiao Xiu’s partner.
“His Royal Highness, what are we going to refine?” The
prophet 南京龙凤网 walked into the private refining room provided by Klya Alchemy Workshop.
This is a chemistry laboratory in Qiao Xiu’s eyes, with a table of bottles and jars in it, and a burning table with flame inscriptions on the other side.
“Drinks, things like juice, how much of the sin karma dust of the prophet is in the abyss of sin karma?”
Qiao Xiu held a small poke of the faint green dust in his palm, as long as he put it in clear water, it would produce something like The same situation as baking soda.
Qiao Xiu had no way of knowing the structure of the dust itself.
“A lot, too many to count.” said the prophet.
“It’s harmless to the human body?”
Qiao Xiu took a small poke and put it in the clear water in the cup in front of