sent a Chenghuang order to ask the demons from all over the world to register and file in Chenghuang Mansion. After receiving the notice, he thought about it for a long time, and finally refused.

Why refuse, because I don’t know what the consequences will be after going.
As the bird king, he has the responsibility to lead everyone to a good life. What if Chenghuang Mansion enslaves them and kills them.
Jiang Hao’s eyes swept across the demons, “I 南京炮网 asked the city gods of the various prefectures to give orders to all the demons to report to the city’s monarch’s mansion, so as to divide the good and the bad. It is indispensable to be punished with the rule of heaven.”
The birds looked terrified.
Eagle King’s eyes became sharper, “Master Chenghuang, we gather in Feixian Lake, never contact the outside world, and never do anything to harm the world.”
Jiang Hao nodded, “I can see that the luck on each of you is not vital and clear, indicating that it has not harmed anyone.”
“Then we can continue to practice?” the red-dressed woman asked anxiously. Tao.
The others also looked at Jiang Hao and waited for his answer. Although they are demon cultivators, they are in front of Chenghuang Mansion, just like ordinary people in front of the government. They naturally have anxiety in their hearts. In case Chenghuang Mansion is unreasonable, they must Killing Yaozu, wouldn’t they be wronged?
“Naturally you can practice. 南京桑拿会所 Chenghuang Mansion only asks good and evil, regardless of race, “Everything is tangible, contains Taoism, and heaven says that everyone is equal.” This is my wife next to me. You should be able to see Her origin.” Jiang Hao said.
All the birds and immortals could naturally see that Hu Xinyue was a demon clan, and immediately felt relieved.
The Eagle King looked at Jiang Hao and bowed to Jiang Hao. This ceremony was to thank Jiang Hao for his understanding of the demon clan, and the other bird immortals also hurriedly followed.
“Eagle King, I know you have scruples in your