illagers have no ability to kill him.”

Mrs. Nishizawa noticed the script. Some of the small loopholes in it, logically speaking, the villagers with pitchforks and wooden bows, even with a spellcaster, cannot defeat such a powerful demon.
Well, Mrs. Nishizawa admitted that she just hoped to see a happy ending, and this story should have a happy ending. This feeling of aggrieved feeling made her unbearably find Sir Platinum Flower.
“I’m doing my best.”
Sir Blakely took the handkerchief 南京炮网 habitually and wiped off the sweat that overflowed his forehead. After making a lot of assurances, this Mrs. Nishizawa was willing to let off Sir Blakely and left with her guard. Sir Blakely’s office.
After sending her away, Sir Bauhinia sat a little tired behind the desk.
This is the fifth time, and the nobles of other countries are okay. The nobles of Falothi are the Sir White Brambles and never dare to provoke them, because his family is in Falothi.
The script of Beauty and the Devil is too malicious. Qiao Xiu spent a lot of time creating a plot between Belle and the devil prince that is sweet enough to make countless girls scream, but in the end, he ruthlessly sweetened everything. Things that have lost teeth are crushed.
After watching the ending, anyone will go to the screenwriter to scold her.
When Sir White Wax was 南京夜生活论坛 thinking about how to pacify the excited Mrs. Nishizawa, the door of his office was pushed open again.
He stood up nervously, and after seeing that the person was Qiao Xiu, he sat down somewhat collapsed on the ground.
“There is no time to sit on the ground for you, Sir Bauhinia, I need to 南京龙凤网 prepare a grand performance in the next few days.” Qiao Xiu said.
The 80th chapter arranges the
“fans meeting”
, Sir Blakely, who arranged his appearance, has just listened to Qiao Xiu’s next plan. Sir Blakely has been working in theater for so many years, and he has never heard of such a form of performance as a meet-and-greet.
Generally speaking, anyone who wants to see the actors of hi