have lost their beliefs and divine system, just like the druids after the fall of the White Star three thousand years ago, they are in fact a secular and extraordinary organization based on magical technology, so they can do nothing by absorbing “believers”. With psychological pressure, they can confuse nobles and mages, and they can confuse the seemingly upright Orthodox believers and priests!

Thinking of this, Gawain couldn’t help but feel that the Eternal Sleeper is probably the most terrifying of the three dark sects.
As he walked with divergent thinking, a little familiar figure suddenly flashed past the corner of his eye.
Gao Wen looked intently and 南京419论坛 saw a little girl in a beautiful white dress hopping on a trail of fallen leaves not far away. She hopped on fallen leaves and rocks, and would step on the trail from time to time. The “single-plank bridge” swayed along the side of the road slightly higher than the ground. The carefree and innocent look is really impressive.
The little girl who calls herself Patty Glenn? Why is it such a coincidence that I met again?
Gawain frowned, his first thought was to pretend that he didn’t see the detour, but before he raised his footsteps, the little girl saw him sharply.
“Ah! It’s Uncle Selsey!” The
little girl yelled happily, and then jumped off the curb, ran up to Gawain with a patter, lifted her skirt, and acted as a lady who was not very standard. Etiquette: “Hello uncle!”
Her speech and temperament are quite a shadow of 南京炮网 excellent tutoring, but the actual actions are quite clumsy.
Gawain was too deliberate to go offline at this time, so he could only respond with a smile, and then subconsciously looked around: The woman who was suspected of Selena Geerfen didn’t seem to be nearby.
“Are you looking for Sister Serena?” Patty noticed Gawain’s behavior, and immediately spoke up, “Sister Serena is not here! She is busy at home!”
Gawain breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at Pa Di’s eyes became a little curious, and he asked the